Media Queries

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A component's media queries will automatically be included by default when the component's mixin is included. You can change this default behavior by updating the $md-media-included variable to false. If it is false, you will have to manually include each component's media query.

@import '~react-md/src/scss/react-md';

$md-media-included: false;
@include react-md-buttons;

@media #{$md-mobile-media} {
  @include react-md-buttons-mobile;

@media #{$md-desktop-media} {
  @include react-md-buttons-desktop;
Sass (Scss)

This might not be the most useful thing in the world, but it gives a lot more control. If a component has different styles depending on the device size, there will be a mixin for each media query. The mixin will be named react-md-COMPONENT-MEDIA_TYPE. For example, the drawer has different styles for mobile, mobile-portrait, mobile-landscape, tablet, and desktop. You can use access these by one of the following:

// Required to be placed in correct media queries -- Only outputs styles
@include react-md-drawers-mobile;
@include react-md-drawers-mobile-landscape;
@include react-md-drawers-tablet;
@include react-md-drawers-desktop;

// Places all of the above in the corresponding media queries
@include react-md-drawers-media;
Sass (Scss)

The SassDoc tab will list all the media queries available and what the default breakpoints are.