Here are a few guidelines:

For general how-to and other non-issues, please use Slack instead of GitHub issues.

If you think you have found a bug or a new idea for a feature, please make sure that it has not already been reported or fixed If you have searched through all the existing issues and yours has not been reported, follow these next steps.

For code issues, please include:

  • React version
  • Browser and browser version
  • Device type (phone, desktop, tablet, etc)

When you can, please provide images, videos, or gifs to help explain the issue. This will save me time on figuring out what the issue is. When there is a new feature, please give example use cases and a detailed description or point to the Material Design spec.

Please create the ticket with the format: [ComponentName] - Descriptive Title. This will make searching for component related issues easier and help me group related bugs/features together.


[Autocomplete] - The Autocomplete does not do ajax calls for me

The `Autocomplete` is a neat component, but it doesn't actually fetch data from the server for me
when the user types. This would be a cool feature because of X, Y, and sometimes Z.

Please keep your pull requests small and focused on a single issue. This will help with the code review process and made it more likely to be accepted.

Before you can do any work, make sure to fork the react-md repository via GitHub and then you can follow these steps.

$ git clone<YOUR_USERNAME>/react-md

$ cd react-md && yarn

If you have an existing local repository, please update it before you start to limit merge conflicts.

$ cd react-md
$ git remote add upstream

$ git fetch upstream master
$ git rebase
$ git checkout -b bugfix/My-Topic-Branch
$ yarn

The raw source files will be in the src directory.

Please follow the linting rules in .eslintrc. You can check or hopefully fix all problems with the following commands.

$ npm run lint      # basic lint with warnings or errors
$ npm run lint:fix  # attempts to automatically fix problems

The documentation website uses react-docgen. If you add a new property, component, or new functionality to an existing property, please update or add the docgen.

Please make sure to create new tests for any new features or bugfixes and prevent existing tests from failing.

$ npm run test        # runs all the tests
$ npm run test:watch  # watches for changes in tests and reruns

If there are any visual changes or you want to test the functionality of a component, you can use the documentation site and create a new example.

See the documentation's site README for information on running the dev server.

By contributing your code to to the mlaursen/react-md GitHub repository, you agree to license your contribution under the MIT License.