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The latest news about react-md

#react-md 2.1.2

08/01/2020 (7 days ago)

This release was mostly internal changes and documentation updates including a new Writing Tests guide, but also fixed the Layout component to allow for the useCrossFade hook to transition the <main> content on pathname changes.

Bug Fixes
  • @react-md/transition: useCSSTransition now correctly forwards refs (36f832f)

#Added Examples Folder

07/28/2020 (11 days ago)

The GitHub repo has been updated to now include an examples folder to show how you can use react-md along with other build tools such as Create React App, Next.js, Gatsby, and others. These examples can be used to spin up boilerplate projects by following the following steps:

First download the specific example:

# replace EXAMPLE_NAME with the specific example you want to use
curl | tar -xz --strip=2 react-md-master/examples/EXAMPLE_NAME

Next, install any dependencies:

npm install
# or with yarn

Next, initialize the git repository and add the first commit:

git init
git add .
git commit -m "Initial commit"

Finally, follow any instructions in the about how to run the specific example.

#react-md 2.1.1

07/21/2020 (18 days ago)

Bug Fixes
  • theme: Fixed rmd-theme-get-swatch to loop over all rmd-theme-colors instead of the primaries only (353de23), closes #884

#react-md 2.1.0

07/11/2020 (28 days ago)

This release added a new and improved dark mode that can be used by enabling a new $rmd-theme-dark-mode-elevation variable.

Bug Fixes
  • AppBar text color now defaults to rmd-theme-var(text-primary-on-background) (2c3ea5e)
  • Booleans in dist/scssVariables (f6d43a3)
  • ListItem disabled states (7b37292)
  • Scroll active element into view while focusing (a9a0902)
  • Tree focused index after expanding all with asterisk (8547629)
  • Tree keyboard movement for child items that are expanded (fadddc7)
  • Tree scrolling elements into view (eef48dc)
  • Added new mixin for optional css-modules (28ba828)
  • Exported the useAutoComplete hook (cac5cd1)
  • Improved Dark Mode using Raising Elevation (547877c), closes #860
  • Render non-searchable items in AutoComplete (e7a82ac)
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#react-md 2.0.4

07/10/2020 (29 days ago)

This is a very small release that just fixed adding @react-md/form as a dependency to @react-md/layout (e83b296)

#react-md 2.0.3

07/07/2020 (32 days ago)

This release fixed a few styling issues for the @react-md/form package and correctly passing the disabled prop to the TextField's <input> element:

  • form: Select disabled styling (d79d007)
  • form: TextArea disabled styles (ef118bf)
  • form: TextField and Select disabled behavior (e8f2c57)

#react-md 2.0.2

06/30/2020 (39 days ago)

This release focused on fixing bundle sizes with webpack as well as increasing build performance with the sideEffects field for each package.json. For more information, check out the v2.0.2 release PR #877 which goes into details about build time and sizing changes.

This release also includes the following changes:

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#react-md 2.0.1

06/17/2020 (52 days ago)

This is technically a breaking change for the UMD bundle since this splits the material-icon component wrappers into separate bundles to minimize the library's size. I'm going with a patch bump though since it's only been two days since the v2 release and it's highly doubtful that consumers of the library have fully upgraded to v2 or even using the UMD bundle to begin with.

react-md will now be available as these bundles:

The advanced installation guide and the library size notes have been updated for this information.

#react-md 2.0.0

06/15/2020 (54 days ago)

The v2 release is a complete re-write of react-md to address the majority of problems encountered while using v1. Unfortunately, this took a lot longer than I had hoped since I ended up using this project to learn Typescript as well as the new React hooks API. Even though there are some missing components from v1, I think the new functionality outweighs it and the components are scoped for a later release.

The 2.0.0 release of react-md features:

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