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The latest news about react-md

react-md 4.0.3

12/31/2021 (17 days ago)

Bug Fixes
  • @react-md/icon: FileInput default icon changed from file_download to file_upload (174d1c1), closes #1325
  • @react-md/table: Sortable Column Alignment (e447cc5), closes #1321
  • @react-md/utils: useIsUserInteractionMode get mode via context (b5f93ae), closes #1322
  • examples: Updated create-react-app README to use correct start command (37acdc3)
Other Internal Changes
  • Update tests to use jest.mocked (4bb25fb)
  • Updated all packages' peerDependenciesMeta (60fcd71), closes #1319
  • @react-md/dev-utils: Update watch command for new sass modules (2e7a87a)
  • examples: Update next to latest version (3521e9b)

react-md 4.0.2

11/29/2021 (49 days ago)

Bug Fixes
  • @react-md/form: Prevent scrolling while dragging Slider on mobile (7eb6740)
  • Update images/videos for markdown pages (5e482bb)
Other Internal Changes
  • @react-md/utils: Additional test coverage (73bc4eb)

react-md 4.0.1

11/26/2021 (52 days ago)

Bug Fixes
  • @react-md/form: Added fixes required for Concurrent Rendering (b4994f4)
  • @react-md/layout: Added fixes required for Concurrent Rendering (c0b29a8)
  • @react-md/menu: Added fixes required for Concurrent Rendering (05ec620)
  • @react-md/sheet: Added fixes required for Concurrent Rendering (75663e4)
  • @react-md/utils: Update getPercentage to optionally not throw errors (ff8a1d6)
  • @react-md/transition: Fix transitionTo documentation to use useEffect (31a31da)
Other Internal Changes
  • Updated imports to use import type when possible (ba96bb6)
  • Fixed demo styles that included CodeBlock (1f1a04e)
  • Fixes for Concurrent Rendering (5946bd9)
  • Update order of previous docs links (87998b9)

react-md 4.0.0

11/24/2021 (54 days ago)

This release focused on updating the @react-md/transition package to no longer log errors in React.StrictMode because react-ransition-group was using ReactDOM.findDOMNode to handle transitions. All react-md packages will no longer use react-transition-group since all that functionality has been built into @react-md/transition with a slightly different API.

This release has also included my first attempt at automating upgrading to new major releases by introducing a new @react-md/codemod package that is similar to the react-codemod package. You can automate some of this release by running:

npx @react-md/codemod v3-to-v4/preset

Since I am still learning how to use jscodeshift, it will not be able to migrate everything but should still help with most changes.

Bug Fixes
  • @react-md/menu: DropdownMenu and Menu portal by default (98a6a9f), closes #1264
  • @react-md/tooltip: cancel timer when element is clicked (5416554)
  • sass: Do not use legacy global functions (6159e16)
  • Update to use new JSX Transform and latest eslint (8111cd3)
  • @react-md/portal: ConditionalPortal supports ReactNode children (c83d578)
  • @react-md/transition: No longer use findDOMNode for transitions (cb952da)
  • @react-md/typography: Renamed Text to Typography (30cf056)
  • @react-md/utils: Export additional positioning types (b50a04c)
  • codemod: Created a new @react-md/codemod package to help with new releases (41c1fa6)
  • Hackily fix not using sass resolutions in package.json (db22cde), closes #1261
  • @react-md/form: Updated hook overrides so documentation appears correctly (436fbff)
  • Enable rust compiler by removing custom babelrc (796efd0)
  • Fallback code language to markup instead of none (0efaf9b)
  • Fix alert sandboxes (8f19297)
  • Removed SwipeableTabs demo since it didn't really work (2d79f93)
  • Separate Code and CodeBlock into separate folders (4c492b3)
  • Try to allow custom Code/CodeBlock in sandboxes (5d494bf)
  • update code components to use css modules (9bdf6ba)
  • Use react-marked-renderer for markdown stuffs (93ebaa4)
Other Internal Changes
  • always skip lib check (229cef1)
  • Re-ran prettier (9632d82)
  • update workflows to include node 16 (f756b92)
  • updated branches for build, lint, and test (b5eeae9)
  • Updated remaining docs and tests for react-router-dom v6 (e012ef9)
  • @react-md/dev-utils: Added error message for combining styles (aa5ecfd)
  • @react-md/dev-utils: match quotation marks for sass files (98ffe40)
  • @react-md/dev-utils: Update sassdoc to not through uncaught exceptions (8bdf532)
  • @react-md/dev-utils: Update release for new major versions and legacy docs (86c5c02)
  • @react-md/format: ran prettier after upgrading to v2.4.0 (06110af)
  • codemod: Added comment about ignoring CodeQL alert (631d56c)
  • examples: enable strict mode by default for nextjs-typescript (83e4c44)
  • examples: added lint command to nextjs examples (788a8b8)
  • examples: bump nextjs examples from v11.1.2 to v12.0.2 (be45277)
  • examples: fixed prefers-color-scheme in examples (f799d3a)
  • examples: Updated create-react-app example to use react-router-dom v6 (3c4d1ea)
  • examples: Updated create-react-app-typescript example to use react-router-dom v6 (ae469ef)
  • examples: Updated examples to no longer import React (c0b8cb5)
  • react-md: Remove prop-types package and usage (2637a6f)
  • Enable React.StrictMode (219937e)
  • Updated some transition documentation (44bfa20)
  • stylelint: Updated to use stylelint (22d1598)
  • test: Update coverage for watch mode (74cee51)
  • typescript: Stopped using deprecated HTMLTable(Data|Header)CellElement (23ba342)
Breaking Changes
  • Minimum React version is now 16.14 instead of 16.8
  • @react-md/menu: The DropdownMenu and Menu components portal by default. This should really only affect snapshot tests
  • @react-md/typography: The Text component has been renamed to Typography to help with auto-imports conflicting with the Text element that exists in lib.d.ts
  • react-md: There will no longer be run-time prop validation with the prop-types package.

react-md 3.1.1

09/11/2021 (128 days ago)

Bug Fixes
  • typescript: added missing readonly prefix to TabsManager tabs prop (45d9458)

react-md 3.1.0

09/10/2021 (129 days ago)

Bug Fixes
  • @react-md/dialog: DialogFooter align prop applies correct classes (644971d)
  • @react-md/form: TooManyFilesError is only used if all the other validation has passed (6ed3f54)
  • @react-md/form: ensure file names end with a period for useFileUpload extensions (9238140)
  • @react-md/form: prevent infinite rerenders when calling useFileUpload's reset in useEffect (b2875b1)
  • @react-md/utils: useDropzone fix around onDragLeave behavior (fdff9f2)
  • typescript: updated all array types to be readonly (8f71bcb)
  • @react-md/form: add isValidFileName option to useFileUpload (dbd0375)
  • @react-md/typography: override default typography without globals (ce89374), closes #1239
  • updated sassdoc for new module system (4746d26)
  • updated SortableColumns example to import SortOrder type (b629e3e)
Other Internal Changes
  • ran yarn format to include new files (48d3d7f)
  • Simplifying format and covering json and yml files #1227 (045ba5e)
  • @react-md/dev-utils: fixed spelling of gzipped (baad174)
  • examples: updated nextjs examples to latest version of next (b50d745)
  • added sassdoc hot-reloading (9d58e09)
  • updated sassdoc examples to be linkable (9ed096e)
  • Updated fonts for latest nextjs build optimizations (ca9ecbd)
  • typescript: support typescript@v4.4.2 (5a9dd72)

react-md 3.0.1

08/14/2021 (156 days ago)

Bug Fixes
  • Updated peerDependencies to fix yarn berry peer requirements (250efcd), closes #1224
Other Internal Changes

react-md 3.0.0

08/13/2021 (157 days ago)

This release should be relatively simple for most consumers of this library since the main breaking change is dropping support for node-sass and requiring sass since node sass has been deprecated as well as removing deprecated variables, hooks, and components. Most users should be able to run the following commands to upgrade to v3.0.0:

npm update react-md
npm uninstall node-sass
npm install sass

Or with yarn

yarn add react-md
yarn remove node-sass
yarn add sass

In addition, there is now partial support for the new Sass module system with the react-md package which also simplifies the import usage and has a slight build performance improvement for large projects. To start using the new module system, update all the @import statements as shown below:

-@import '~@react-md/theme/dist/mixins';
-@import '~@react-md/utils/dist/mixins';
-// other react-md imports
+@use 'react-md' as *;

 // No other changes required!

If you override variables within react-md:

-@import '~@react-md/theme/dist/color-palette';
-$rmd-theme-light: false;
-$rmd-theme-primary: $rmd-purple-500;
-$rmd-theme-secondary: $rmd-pink-a-200;
-@import '~react-md/dist/styles';
+@use '@react-md/theme/dist/color-palette' as color;
+@use 'react-md' as * with (
+  $rmd-theme-light: false,
+  $rmd-theme-primary: color.$rmd-theme-purple-500,
+  $rmd-theme-secondary: color.$rmd-theme-pink-a-200,
+@include react-md-utils;

Check out the updated customizing your theme documentation, (958f34f), or #1214 for more in-depth examples.

  • @react-md/theme: $rmd-theme-dark-elevation now defaults to true instead of false
  • sass: node-sass is no longer supported and users must switch to sass
  • @react-md/utils: Removed InteractionModeListener since it was an alias for UserInteractionModeListener
  • @react-md/utils: Removed ResizeObserver component and useResizeObserverV1 implementation
  • @react-md/tooltip: Removed TooltipHoverModeConfig component
  • @react-md/card: Removed deprecated $rmd-card-dark-elevation-bordered-background-color variable
  • @react-md/tooltip: Removed deprecated props from Tooltipped component
  • @react-md/form: The second argument for useIndeterminateChecked is now an object of options
Bug Fixes
  • sass: drop node-sass in favor of sass since it's deprecated (126fb5a)
  • sass: use math.div instead of division since it's deprecated (d8c3f12)
  • @react-md/theme: $rmd-theme-dark-elevation defaults to true (b371337)
  • react-md: Simplify sass usage with: @use 'react-md'; (787bfb5)
  • removed documentation around pre-compiling styles (29b5d74)
  • Update Sass Documentation for @use (68e8c6b)
  • Updated sandboxes for new Sass module system (095ae97)
Other Internal Changes
  • Added additional tests to bump test coverage (4d0371c)
  • @react-md/card: removed deprecated $rmd-card-dark-elevation-bordered-background-color variable (01c9350)
  • @react-md/dev-utils: Added simple sass-migrator command (a8e8df3)
  • @react-md/dev-utils: autoConfirm flag passed to initBlog (dec09b8)
  • @react-md/dev-utils: Combine all scss files into react-md/dist/_everything.scss (c7177e6)
  • @react-md/dev-utils: Update release script to hopefully work with prereleases (e0ef881)
  • @react-md/dev-utils: updated sassdoc and variables to use everything.scss (a0f0699)
  • @react-md/dev-utils: updated variables command to work with sass (5376be1)
  • @react-md/form: removed deprecated implementation in useIndeterminateChecked (6b7871f)
  • @react-md/tooltip: removed deprecated props from Tooltipped component (6dca9b1)
  • @react-md/tooltip: removed TooltipHoverModeConfig component (664ec30)
  • @react-md/utils: remove ResizeObserver component and useResizeObserverV1 implementation (6a6b109)
  • @react-md/utils: removed InteractionModeListener alias (216c8ef)
  • examples: updated examples to latest dependencies (f2eb07a)
  • Each package includes a link to typedoc API in navigation tree (c388ba6)
  • ran migrator for deprecated division (98d2c58)
  • removed tilde from imports (6081e14)
  • update all scss files for @use imports (958f34f)
  • update all styles to use react-md/dist/everything (2da5033)
  • Update links for previous versions (2d0a0e6)
  • updated docs for new rmd-theme-dark-elevation defaults (b2269ff)
  • updated examples to work with sass instead of node-sass (d8ddf51)
  • updated sandboxes to use root react-md (c0f25f7)

react-md 2.9.1

07/26/2021 (175 days ago)

Bug Fixes
  • @react-md/layout: Do not unmount children when swapping to non-fixed appbar mini layouts (64103c8), closes #1207
  • @react-md/utils: useMediaQuery uses addEventListener/removeEventListener (b889a9e)
Other Internal Changes
  • fixed sass-lint error (58f614b)
  • install: slighly reduce install size by excluding tests in publish (9d01a44)
  • fix links to form demos in blog (b1626b5)

react-md 2.9.0

07/17/2021 (184 days ago)

This release is focused around the FileInput component in the @react-md/form package and implementing a useFileUpload hook to handle uploading/previewing files in the browser. However, there is a notable change in this release for the form documentation since the demos have been split into the following pages:

Bug Fixes
  • @react-md/form: FileInput correctly center the icon when children aren't provided (3a6ab33)
  • @react-md/layout: useLayoutNavigation possible perf fix (3d65e4e)
  • @react-md/form: FileInput automatically swaps button type to text if children exist (e5585e1)
  • @react-md/form: FormMessageCounter component added to public API (1508812)
  • @react-md/form: Added a useFileUpload hook to upload files to the browser (efb3f2f), closes #1159
  • @react-md/utils: added useDropzone hook (bc07a1f)
Other Internal Changes
  • Added CodeQL Workflow for code analysis (9b4a279)
  • @react-md/form: Added tests for useFileUpload (49ce4d9)
  • @react-md/layout: Added additional test coverage (7c123ef)
  • Added an endpoint for uploading files that acts like a /dev/null (9663ae8)
  • Added examples for useFileUpload (8f9002e)
  • fix eslint error after updating prettier (75a9b0f)
  • Fixed rightAddon for Customizing Select Options Demo (367cc0d)
  • Split form demos into separate pages (8594930)
  • Use temporary layout on desktop in dev mode to get more screen space (53b20c4)

react-md 2.8.5

07/03/2021 (198 days ago)

Bug Fixes
  • @react-md/form: MenuItemCheckbox added missing indeterminate state (aa2c552), closes #1186
  • @react-md/form: useIndeterminateChecked correctly uses readonly prefix (7f69a71)
  • @react-md/form: useIndeterminateChecked supports MenuItemCheckbox with new option (9ab67bf)
  • @react-md/form: MenuItemCheckbox, MenuItemRadio, and MenuItemSwitch styles on light themes (fc4dcd9)
  • @react-md/form: Updated documentation for useIndeterminateChecked (8646c28)
Other Internal Changes
  • @react-md/dev-utils: Updated release script to allow custom CHANGELOG updates (dde151b)
  • @react-md/form: Added tests for useIndeterminateChecked (cc2a422)
  • Updated MenuWithFormControls example for indeterminate checkboxes (2d20848)

react-md 2.8.4

06/10/2021 (221 days ago)

Bug Fixes
  • @react-md/form: Pass checked prop to component (bffae6f)
  • @react-md/form: Fixed controlled behavior for Switch components (8c65df6), closes #1175
  • @react-md/utils: omit uses readonly prefix for key list (d3e1ee8)
  • @react-md/utils: Slightly better tooltip behavior after clicking somewhere on the page (4d3fc16)
  • Updated general documentation (9bc8a0d)
  • Update next and build deps to fix font loading issues (e528617)
Other Internal Changes
  • updated doc tsconfig for better autocompletion (7fb8b94)
  • Renamed contrast check function (97c1ad7)
  • add website alias to changelog config (d98bf51)
  • ran prettier after upgrading to v2.3.0 (3ce236a)

react-md 2.8.3

05/17/2021 (245 days ago)

Bug Fixes
  • @react-md/layout: Added fixedAppBar flag into the useLayoutConfig (14e6587)
  • @react-md/layout: Mini Layouts Align Icons with Hamburger Menu in Dense Mode (abbe9a9)
  • @react-md/layout: non-fixed AppBar mini layouts (84313fc), closes #1101
  • @react-md/layout: Offset for temporary mini layouts (86e75bf)
  • @react-md/states: Added missing classnames dependency (a7a2012), closes #1155
  • @react-md/layout: Added demo for non-fixed AppBar layouts (d217ac1)
  • @react-md/typography: Added examples for overriding typography styles (57033bd), closes #1147
  • Added simple API documentation with typedoc (84739af)
  • don't include version for latest react-md (a69359b)
  • Light Theme Code Preview Colors (c9cc6a7)
  • redirect to v1 website (5d9ee71)
  • small updates after switching to free hosting (96e2dcd)
  • update v1 links to new repo and static hosting (92801bb)
  • updated tsdoc to work with typedoc (cf54c35)
  • Fix typedoc source links when deployed through vercel (a4eed1b)
  • Fixed useLayoutNavigation hook example in creating a new app (1cde856)
Other Internal Changes
  • no longer build,lint,test node 10 since I upgraded some dependencies (1d3f889)
  • fix anchor link to useFixedPositioning example docs (eb5a9fc)
  • fixed typo (ef3f9e4)
  • removed v1 info from README (b0e8ccb)
  • @react-md/dev-utils: Removed old typedoc WIP (a7d7429)
  • deployment: Fixed deploy script (4072b93)
  • workflow: dropped node 10 since I upgraded some dependencies (fd81950)

react-md 2.8.2

04/22/2021 (270 days ago)

Bug Fixes
  • @react-md/utils: Cancel hover mode timers on click (892dc24)
Other Internal Changes
  • removed engines from root package.json (1165471)

react-md 2.8.1

04/22/2021 (270 days ago)

Bug Fixes
  • @react-md/form: MenuItemSwitch spacing styles (8ac8299), closes #1126
  • @react-md/form: Checkbox, Radio, and Switch color (9315eff)

react-md 2.8.0

04/22/2021 (270 days ago)

This release was mostly targeted around exposing the tooltip's "Hover Mode API" as well as the other tooltip behavior. See #1113 and the new demos for more information:

The @react-md/form package was also updated to include new components for rendering checkbox, radio, and switch components within menus. See #1123 and Menus with Form Controls Example for more information.

Finally, react-md was updated to support typescript@4.2.3 by removing the resize-observer-polyfill dependency since it has conflicting types with the now provided type definitions around resize observers. If you are a typescript user, see #1099 for more information around this change.

Bug Fixes
  • @react-md/dialog: FixedDialog applies style prop (bb4ad2f)
  • @react-md/utils: Click Behavior for Hover Mode (d0fda80)
  • @react-md/utils: focusElementsWithin correctly focuses container element as a fallback (cff46c4)
  • @react-md/form: Implemented Form Menu Item Components (fed2b9f)
  • @react-md/transition: Updated useFixedPositioning to merge style objects (1ab84d7)
  • @react-md/transition: updated useFixedPositioning to support fixedTo ref (ced550a)
  • @react-md/utils: Added isFocusable util (1d92472)
  • @react-md/utils: implemented a reusable hover mode API (4f5ce2f)
  • typescript: bump typescript version to v4.2.3 (b094b36)
  • @react-md/form: Updated form menu components for better documentation and examples in code (d9695b7)
  • Added Menu With Form Controls Demo (dbc2d21)
  • Added Tooltip Hook Example (9783c44)
  • Added a new Hover Mode demo (1e0e783)
  • Added Sticky Hover Mode Example (1a94a31)
  • additional Tooltip Hook documentation (5447f64)
  • fix documentation site deployment (9588c37)
  • removed custom nextjs server (8389b68)
  • Suppress hydration warning for App Size (c5a08da)
  • Updated documentation site after new tooltip behavior (5db9a9b)
  • Updated documentation site for new HoverModeProvider documentation (f42c65c)
  • seo: Added missing description meta tag (3fd9e9f)
Other Internal Changes
  • Moved documentation gitignore values to root (633a586)
  • @react-md/form: Added new for menu item tests (5cf4f8a)
  • @react-md/form: Created SwitchTrack and InputToggleIcon components (d9278b3)
  • @react-md/form: moved some toggle styles into separate mixins (517f199)
  • @react-md/form: simplified toggle icon styles (adb6b06)
  • @react-md/form: Updated MenuItemRadio usage to be wrapped in a group for a11y (01caa0b)
  • @react-md/form: Updated SliderValue to use non-portalled tooltip for existing test (b41136f)
  • @react-md/layout: Updated Configuration to use new HoverModeProvider (357f2bf)
  • @react-md/tooltip: Cleaned up some useTooltip code (0a6aed9)
  • @react-md/tooltip: Updated Tooltip to use new Hover Mode (386f47b)
  • @react-md/transition: bump @types/react-transitition-group from v4.2.4 to v4.4.1 (f3f5c7b)
  • @react-md/utils: added missing since annotation to useOnUnmount (c758982)
  • eslint: updated eslintignore so I can jump through errors quickly (7bfe9f3)
  • Fixed sandboxes to no longer require @types/classnames (32f6f0f)
  • tsconfig: separate tsconfig by package instead of a single root (b278230)

react-md 2.7.1

03/22/2021 (301 days ago)

Bug Fixes
  • @react-md/form: Select correctly respects the readOnly prop (d9a0262), closes #1089
  • @react-md/form: Select correctly updates for the dense spec (2930595), closes #1089
  • @react-md/utils: useTabFocusWrap when only one element (25178d7)
  • umd: now correctly use production string for UMD bundles (a9b78ad)
  • fixed build error after upgrading next (1861731)
Other Internal Changes
  • @react-md/dev-utils: GitHub release surrounds libsize in code block (d3d122a)
  • @react-md/utils: Added a simple useOnUnmount hook (96f3cc0)
  • fixed Demo name replacement (70e60e1)
  • ts: stopped using FC type (c5daa47)
  • workflow: added develop branch to workflow triggers (c379ce3)

react-md 2.7.0

02/28/2021 (323 days ago)

Bug Fixes
  • @react-md/alert: fixed alert color when dark theme elevation is enabled (99cc271), closes #1075
  • @react-md/card: fixed card color when dark theme elevation is enabled (e5da5f5), closes #1075
  • @react-md/dialog: fixed dialog color when dark theme elevation is enabled (e79993d), closes #1075
  • @react-md/form: fixed listbox color when dark theme elevation is enabled (b68ac04), closes #1075
  • @react-md/menu: fixed menu color when dark theme elevation is enabled (52c752d), closes #1075
  • @react-md/sheet: fixed sheet color when dark theme elevation is enabled (0abe05e), closes #1075
  • @react-md/layout: added support for mini layouts (36b3cbc)
  • @react-md/utils: added a low level RadioGroup widget for the radiogroup role (76d6d27)
  • updated Used By/Requires SassDoc to be collapsible (37a7536)
  • @react-md/theme: added additional dark-theme-elevation SassDoc examples (172ee40)
  • added information about Noninteractable Chips demo (42e929b)
  • updated layout demos for mini layout support (1065688)
  • tsdoc: fixed remaining tsdoc syntax warnings (946f4dd)
  • tsdoc: fixed some tsdoc annotations and styling (0449b86)
  • tsdoc: updated \@since annotations (c62027e)
Other Internal Changes
  • updated test coverage to not include conditional component PropTypes (24e5df1)
  • @react-md/dev-utils: release script will now automatically create github release (83c2b65)
  • @react-md/utils: added tryToSubmitRelatedForm util to help with additional a11y (0566e14)
  • @react-md/utils: updated loop util to allow for a specific min value (51bcf92)

react-md 2.6.0

02/12/2021 (339 days ago)

Bug Fixes
  • @react-md/layout: floating layout has correct color in dark theme (7fa6b0c)
  • @react-md/layout: toggleable layout title now aligns with persistent layouts (8b8efb2)
  • @react-md/chip: added support for noninteractable chips (9309985), closes #1046
  • @react-md/layout: added prop to control toggleable layouts default visibility (6e4a06d), closes #1066
  • slightly better search results (0e3d3f7)
Other Internal Changes
  • @react-md/divider: updated test to use the correct act (a621625)
  • @react-md/link: added new tests for SkipToMainContent (3f6e866)
  • @react-md/utils: Added better dev display names for UserInteractionMode context parts (01f6e3d)
  • @react-md/utils: refactored UserInteractionMode hooks and components (af72791)
  • changelog: fixed some more changelog/release behavior (e11c0ea)
  • coverage: fixed test coverage to include files without tests (ba72630)

react-md 2.5.5

01/29/2021 (353 days ago)

Bug Fixes
  • @react-md/utils: added missing classnames dependency (8c34790)

react-md 2.5.4

01/26/2021 (356 days ago)

Bug Fixes
  • @react-md/card: fixed the bordered background color when the dark elevation flag is enabled (a9dd552), closes #1053

react-md 2.5.3

01/12/2021 (370 days ago)

Bug Fixes
  • @react-md/form: fixed floating label behavior for TextArea (80c22ba), closes #1043
  • @react-md/layout: Fixed scrollIntoView behavior for the layout tree (4716c76)

react-md 2.5.2

01/11/2021 (371 days ago)

Bug Fixes
  • docs: fixed some a11y issues in documentation site (6fee23c)
  • @react-md/form: Added missing containerProps to TextArea (695fd2a)
  • @react-md/form: Fixed floating state for controlled text fields (338d768), closes #1043

react-md 2.5.1

12/16/2020 (397 days ago)

Bug Fixes
  • @react-md/list: fixed list icon spacing to work with sass (369c206), closes #1015

react-md 2.5.0

12/15/2020 (398 days ago)

This release was mainly focused on the form package and added a lot of new features. I highly recommend checking out the following PRs for more information:

  • Simple form validation using the Constraint API with useTextField #1009
  • Better number handling with useNumberField #1014
  • Slider component #1016
  • @react-md/form: added a new useTextField hook to validate the TextField and TextArea values (578257c)
  • @react-md/form: added a number-recommended type for validation (18c772e)
  • @react-md/form: added a PasswordWithMessage component to be used with useTextField Hook (f6d84f2)
  • @react-md/form: added a TextAreaWithMessage component to be used with useTextField Hook (e358799)
  • @react-md/form: added a TextFieldWithMessage component to be used with useTextField Hook (f2d7e5d)
  • @react-md/form: added a useNumberField hook to control number field values (c705f2c)
  • @react-md/form: better defaults for validation (4003a07)
  • @react-md/icon: added an error icon to the IconProvider Component and useIcon Hook (4dfd50a)
  • @react-md/icon: added flexReverse prop to TextIconSpacing (c4ee05b)
  • @react-md/utils: added a withinRange util for number validation (e8fb252)
  • @react-md/utils: changed the default @include order for easier overrides (4705b09)
Bug Fixes
  • @react-md/form: better blur error cases for useNumberField (8b927ab)
  • @react-md/form: fixed FormMessage counter prop-type validation (9ece3e1)
  • @react-md/form: fixed messageProps error from react when disableMessage is enabled (e452aff)
  • @react-md/form: Floating Label for controlled value Invalid numbers (ef1d764)
  • @react-md/form: Maintain Floating Label for Invalid Numbers (2443f9a)
  • @react-md/form: More fixes for number inputs being considered valued (1832e69)
  • @react-md/form: updated TextField PropTypes to allow for search input type (23d92dd)
  • utils: GridCell now correctly uses largeDesktop when desktop is also provided (fd26b8b)
  • @react-md/utils: nearest ensures min and max range for value (48181b3)
  • @react-md/utils: updated nearest to support a custom range for sliders (6cfc67e)

react-md 2.4.3

11/13/2020 (430 days ago)

Bug Fixes
  • @react-md/list: fixed ListItem disabled colors to optionally include addons (a40b6b3), closes #997
  • @react-md/list: ListItem no longer focusable by default when disabled (06e91ca), closes #997

react-md 2.4.2

10/23/2020 (451 days ago)

Bug Fixes
  • @react-md/menu: fixed DropdownMenu not being able to provide style and className to Menu (7823fea), closes #989

react-md 2.4.1

10/17/2020 (457 days ago)

Republished the v2.4.0 release to ensure that all 2300 themes are available through CDNs after upgrading my build script.

react-md 2.4.0

10/17/2020 (457 days ago)

This release implemented better default behavior to ensure that the "better" contrast ratio is chosen instead of choosing the first color that meets the minimal contrast ratio. This is enabled by default going forward, but can be disabled by setting $rmd-theme-better-contrast-ratios: false

Bug Fixes
  • @react-md/table: table border color uses hex values to fix chrome colSpan rendering issue #982 (2138284)
  • @react-md/theme: Better Contrast Colors by Default and dev-utils refactor #955 (519b128)
  • the documentation site now allows for code examples and sandboxes to conditionally use JavaScript instead of TypeScript

react-md 2.3.1

09/14/2020 (490 days ago)

I released v1.18.0 today but didn't realize that npm uses --tag while lerna uses --dist-tag so v1.18.0 was released under latest instead of previous. This release is only to ensure that v2 is set to latest and has no other changes.

react-md 2.3.0

09/10/2020 (494 days ago)

This release is kind of a breaking change since the base react-md package no longer has a dist/css folder for all the pre-compiled themes due to CDNs and package managers rejecting this package for being too big. All the pre-compiled themes will now be available through jsDelivr instead. Check out the CDN Links for more info.

This release also changed the ResizeObserver to use a subscription model to slightly increase performance when multiple ResizeObservers are used on a single page as well as fix some errors related to the ResizeObserver loop has been exceeded. The useResizeObserver has been updated to use the new API which requires refs, but is still backwards compatible. Due to this change, the ResizeObserver component has been deprecated in favor of the useResizeObserver hook implementation.

Otherwise, there were a few new features added to the @react-md/button, @react-md/progress, and @react-md/tree packages that you can reference below.

  • created a new example for the @react-md/form package to show how to use react-hook-form with react-md for form validation. Check out the new example here.
  • updated sandboxes to use new CDN for pre-compiled themes (e83f47e)
  • added documentation about using CDN Links
  • added a simple umd example to show CDN usage (ed6b62e)
Bug Fixes
  • @react-md/form: added missing scss variables (ec8d675)
  • @react-md/states: fixed usePressedStates to pass onClick like other state hooks (82cd676)
  • @react-md/alert: created and exported the default timeout and classnames (32bacc9)
  • @react-md/button: added built-in support for rendering CircularProgress (c6c616b)
  • @react-md/button: added support for disabled theme without disabling button (6a647e2)
  • @react-md/form: updated TextArea to use the new useResizeObserver API (2c2dd27)
  • @react-md/overlay: created and exported the default timeout and classnames (48cd9d5)
  • @react-md/progress: added a small state to the CircularProgress (6884a3a)
  • @react-md/tabs: updated tabs to use the new resize observer API (052b3f2)
  • @react-md/tree: updated defaultTreeItemRenderer for class names (3c61f3c), closes #920
  • @react-md/utils: improved LabelRequiredForA11y type definition (b7aa4fa)
  • @react-md/utils: added Dir component to help determine current writing direction (a929e04)
  • @react-md/utils: added useGridList hook (56ecc19)
  • @react-md/utils: added useIsomorphicLayoutEffect from react-redux (deacf1c)
  • @react-md/utils: created a new useResizeObserver implementation (dc3f4df)
  • @react-md/utils: more verbose useAppSize usage error message (2c81982)
  • @react-md/utils: added hook to access grid list size (a448816)
  • @react-md/utils: added new cloneStyles prop so grid styles can be applied to any child (ca913e7)

react-md 2.2.2

09/02/2020 (502 days ago)

This release was a re-publish of v2.2.0 attempting to fix a publishing error. Unfortunately, the base react-md package had to drop support for the pre-compiled themes and now need use jsDelivr instead.

Check out the new CDN Links for more info.

react-md 2.2.1

09/02/2020 (502 days ago)

This release was just a re-publish of v2.2.0 to try fixing a publishing error.

react-md 2.2.0

08/11/2020 (524 days ago)

Bug Fixes
  • @react-md/form: Listbox render 0 as a valid display value (d02b7a9)
  • @react-md/avatar: Added ability to pass props to <img> (11848ee), closes #908
  • @react-md/form: Added props to style Checkbox and Radio input element (b6d2318)
  • @react-md/form: Updated toggle inactive and active colors to be configurable (49319e6)

Note: The Checkbox and Radio components have updated their default inactive color to be the rmd-theme-var(text-secondary-on-background) instead of rmd-theme-var(secondary) to better match the v1 styles.

See \$rmd-toggle-inactive-color and \$rmd-toggle-active-color.

react-md 2.1.2

08/01/2020 (534 days ago)

This release was mostly internal changes and documentation updates including a new Writing Tests guide, but also fixed the Layout component to allow for the useCrossFade hook to transition the <main> content on pathname changes.

Bug Fixes
  • @react-md/transition: useCSSTransition now correctly forwards refs (36f832f)

Added Examples Folder

07/28/2020 (538 days ago)

The GitHub repo has been updated to now include an examples folder to show how you can use react-md along with other build tools such as Create React App, Next.js, Gatsby, and others. These examples can be used to spin up boilerplate projects by following the following steps:

First download the specific example:

# replace EXAMPLE_NAME with the specific example you want to use
curl | tar -xz --strip=2 react-md-main/examples/EXAMPLE_NAME

Next, install any dependencies:

npm install
# or with yarn

Next, initialize the git repository and add the first commit:

git init
git add .
git commit -m "Initial commit"

Finally, follow any instructions in the about how to run the specific example.

react-md 2.1.1

07/21/2020 (545 days ago)

Bug Fixes
  • theme: Fixed rmd-theme-get-swatch to loop over all rmd-theme-colors instead of the primaries only (353de23), closes #884

react-md 2.1.0

07/11/2020 (555 days ago)

This release added a new and improved dark mode that can be used by enabling a new $rmd-theme-dark-mode-elevation variable.

Bug Fixes
  • AppBar text color now defaults to rmd-theme-var(text-primary-on-background) (2c3ea5e)
  • Booleans in dist/scssVariables (f6d43a3)
  • ListItem disabled states (7b37292)
  • Scroll active element into view while focusing (a9a0902)
  • Tree focused index after expanding all with asterisk (8547629)
  • Tree keyboard movement for child items that are expanded (fadddc7)
  • Tree scrolling elements into view (eef48dc)
  • Added new mixin for optional css-modules (28ba828)
  • Exported the useAutoComplete hook (cac5cd1)
  • Improved Dark Mode using Raising Elevation (547877c), closes #860
  • Render non-searchable items in AutoComplete (e7a82ac)
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react-md 2.0.4

07/10/2020 (556 days ago)

This is a very small release that just fixed adding @react-md/form as a dependency to @react-md/layout (e83b296)

react-md 2.0.3

07/07/2020 (559 days ago)

This release fixed a few styling issues for the @react-md/form package and correctly passing the disabled prop to the TextField's <input> element:

  • form: Select disabled styling (d79d007)
  • form: TextArea disabled styles (ef118bf)
  • form: TextField and Select disabled behavior (e8f2c57)

react-md 2.0.2

06/30/2020 (566 days ago)

This release focused on fixing bundle sizes with webpack as well as increasing build performance with the sideEffects field for each package.json. For more information, check out the v2.0.2 release PR #877 which goes into details about build time and sizing changes.

This release also includes the following changes:

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react-md 2.0.1

06/17/2020 (579 days ago)

This is technically a breaking change for the UMD bundle since this splits the material-icon component wrappers into separate bundles to minimize the library's size. I'm going with a patch bump though since it's only been two days since the v2 release and it's highly doubtful that consumers of the library have fully upgraded to v2 or even using the UMD bundle to begin with.

react-md will now be available as these bundles:

The advanced installation guide and the library size notes have been updated for this information.

react-md 2.0.0

06/15/2020 (581 days ago)

The v2 release is a complete re-write of react-md to address the majority of problems encountered while using v1. Unfortunately, this took a lot longer than I had hoped since I ended up using this project to learn Typescript as well as the new React hooks API. Even though there are some missing components from v1, I think the new functionality outweighs it and the components are scoped for a later release.

The 2.0.0 release of react-md features:

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