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react-md - Divider - Installation


Dividers group and separate content within lists and page layouts. The divider is a thin rule, lightweight yet sufficient to distinguish content visually and spatially.


npm install --save @react-md/divider

This package is not super helpful on its own, so it is recommended to also install the following packages:

npm install --save @react-md/theme \
  @react-md/typography \
  @react-md/list \


One of the main use-cases will probably be to display a list with specific dividers or to add dividers between page elements:

import { render } from "react-dom";
import { Divider } from "@react-md/divider";
import { List, ListItem } from "@react-md/list";
import { Typography } from "@react-m/typography";

const App = () => (
    <div className="section-1">
      <Typography>Here is some text.</Typography>
    <Divider />
    <div className="section-2">
      <Typography>Here is some more text.</Typography>
      <ListItem id="item-1">Item 1</ListItem>
      <ListItem id="item-2">Item 2</ListItem>
      <ListItem id="item-3">Item 3</ListItem>
      <ListItem id="item-4">Item 4</ListItem>
      <Divider />
      <ListItem id="item-5">Item 5</ListItem>

render(<App />, document.getElementById("root"));