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react-md - Elevation - Installation


This is a small package for react-md that can create the elevation styles in the material design spec. Unlike the other react-md packages, this package only exports utility mixins and does not provide any React components or any default styles.


npm install --save @react-md/elevation


Material design has 24 different elevation types and the rmd-elevation mixin accepts a number between 0 and 24 to create that elevation.

@import "@react-md/elevation/dist/mixins";

.my-elevated-component {
  @include rmd-elevation(8);

This package also exports some box-shadow transition mixins to get some great performance when animating between different box shadows.

@import "@react-md/elevation/dist/mixins";

.my-box-shadow-component {
  // animate from 4 to 8 on hover
  @include rmd-elevation-transition(4, 8, "&:hover");