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react-md - Overlay - Demos

Simple Example

The Overlay is a simple component that normally will cover the entire screen while some other more prominent material (such as dialogs or drawers) are visible on the page to help the user know where their main focus should be. The Overlay will animate in and out based on the visible prop.

Fixing Overflow Issues

If you attempt to render an overlay within a fixed element or a container that has overflow set to the non-default value, the overlay might be contained within that element and not cover the entire page. To work around this, the Overlay component has also been updated to work with the @react-md/portal component it can be portalled out of this container element and still cover the entire page.

The example below is a very simple version of something that might happen within your app where you have some fixed container and another overlay within it. Until the portal is enabled, the overlay will only cover 50% of the screen instead of the entire page and some elements will not be correctly covered due to z-indexing. Once the portal is enabled, it will cover the entire page again correctly.

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Custom Theme

The overlay is also themeable for the background-color and z-index values. To update these values, you can use the rmd-overlay-theme mixin.