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Position Examples

A Sheet is an extension of the Dialog component that allows you to create temporary elements at the edges of the viewport instead of centered within the page. Fixing a sheet to the left or right sides of the page is useful for creating permanent or temporary content such as navigation trees, additional configuration, or filters. The left and right behavior will automatically be updated when the language is set to dir="rtl" for you as well.

The Sheet also supports being fixed to the top and bottom of the viewport, but this is more of a mobile feature that can be used to create action sheets.

Sheet positions

Mobile Action Sheet

Since mobile devices have less real estate than larger screens, it can be hard to display dropdown menus in a nice way. Luckily, the @react-md/menu package supports a custom menuRenderer which can allow you to switch to an action sheet on mobile devices.

Sheet Sizing

The Sheet updates it size based on whether it is fixed to the top/bottom or the left/right viewport edges. Just for clarity, the Sheet will call the top/bottom positions the verticalSize and the left/right positions the horizontalSize.

The verticalSize support the following behavior:

  • "none" - the size is based on the content, but is still limited to the viewport height. There is no min-height applied.
  • "touch" - the size is based on the content, but is limited to the viewport height minus a small recommended "touchable" area that allows the user to close the sheet by clicking an overlay. There is no min-height applied.
  • "recommended" (default) - the recommended material design sizing that forces a max-height of 50vh and a min-height of 3.5rem.

The horizontalSize supports the following behavior:

  • "none" - the size is based on content, but is still limited to the viewport width so that the horizontal scrolling will not occur within the page.
  • "touch" - the min-width is set to be the entire viewport width minus a touchable area and max-width is set to 20rem and is normally recommended for mobile devices
  • "static" - the width is set to a static 16rem and generally used for landscape tablets and desktops.
  • "media" (default) - automatically switches between "small" and "large" once the tablet min-width is reached in media queries.
Position Options
Horizontal Sizemedia
Vertical Sizerecommended