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react-md - Theme - Demos

Simple Example

If you have not done so already, you should read the customizing your theme documentation before continuing on in this page. The demos within the page will be more about updating existing themes instead of creating them.

This example will show how you can use the provided mixins to update the theme for some custom components. The @react-md/theme package exports some useful Sass functions and mixins for using and modifying your theme:

  • rmd-theme - Mixin for applying one of the theme values to a css property.
  • rmd-theme-update-var - Mixin for updating one of the theme CSS variables with a new value.

This is a new surface and defining some new theme colors.

This is the pre-compiled primary color.
This is the pre-compiled secondary color.
This is the new primary color.
This is the new secondary color.