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react-md - Typography - Installation


This package is used to include typography into your application. There are 13 different font styles included with reasonable defaults, but they can also easily be updated with custom values.

This package is mostly for generating the base typography onto different classes throughout your app, but it also exposes Typography and TextContainer components to help add typography throughout your app. There is also an accessibility helper component named SrOnly that allows you to display text to screen readers only.

If you'd like to change the typography values, check out the SassDoc page on the documentation site.


npm install --save @react-md/typography


import { render } from "react-dom";
import { Typography, TextContainer } from "@react-md/typography";

const App = () => (
    <Typography type="headline-1">Headline 1</Typography>
    <Typography type="headline-2">Headline 2</Typography>
    <Typography type="headline-3">Headline 3</Typography>
    <Typography type="headline-4">Headline 4</Typography>
    <Typography type="headline-5">Headline 5</Typography>
    <Typography type="headline-6">Headline 6</Typography>
    <Typography type="subtitle-1">Subtitle 1</Typography>
    <Typography type="subtitle-2">Subtitle 2</Typography>
    <Typography type="body-1">Body 1</Typography>
    <Typography type="body-2">Body 2</Typography>
    <Typography type="overline">Overline</Typography>
    <Typography type="caption" component="p">

render(<App />, document.getElementById("root"));