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react-md - Migration Guides - v2 to v3

Migrate from v2 to v3

Change node-sass to sass

Since node-sass has been deprecated and a new module system has been introduced users must switch from node-sass to sass to use the latest features within react-md.

npm update react-md
npm uninstall node-sass
npm install sass

or with yarn

yarn add react-md
yarn remove node-sass
yarn add sass

Rename InteractionModeListener to UserInteractionModeListener

The InteractionModeListener was an alias for UserInteractionModeListener and has been removed.

Remove ResizeObserver

The ResizeObserver component has been removed in favor of using the useResizeObserver hook.

Update useResizeObserver to use the new API

-const ref = useRef()
-  target: ref,
-  onResize({ height, width, scrollHeight, scrollWidth, element }) {
-    // Do something
-  }
-  disableHeight: true,
-  disableWidth: true
+const [ref] = useResizeObserver((resizeEvent) => {
+  const { height, width, scrollHeight, scrollWidth, element } = resizeEvent
+  // do something
+}, { disableHeight: true, disableWidth: true });

 return (
   <div ref={ref}>

Remove deprecated props from Tooltipped component

Since the Tooltip components now use the HoverModeProvider, the following props should be removed from the Tooltipped component:

  • onHide
  • onShow
  • tooltipId
  • hoverDelay
  • focusDelay
  • touchTimeout
  • positionThreshold

Remove TooltipHoverModeConfig

This component has been removed since the Tooltip uses the HoverModeProvider.

Update useIndeterminateChecked to use an object as the second argument

 const {
   // checkedValues,
   // setCheckedValues,
-} = useIndeterminateChecked(condiments, ["Sprouts"], customOnChange);
+} = useIndeterminateChecked(condiments, {
+  onChange: customOnChange,
+  defaultCheckedValues: ["Sprouts"],

Improve build performance by using the new react-md sass file

Part of the v3.0.0 release was to create a new Sass import that merges all the .scss files into one for two reasons:

  1. This simplifies importing things from react-md into a single @use statement instead of multiple lines
  2. Drastically improves build performance in large projects because only one .scss file needs to be resolved.

sass-loader with webpack does not maintain context of other .scss files in your app so each time you import './path/to/my.scss'; or import styles from './path/to/my.module.scss';, sass-loader will need to resolve every @import or @use statement found in that file recursively. The IO required for this is the whole reason build times can get slow in larger projects since there are about 200 .scss files within react-md that would need to be resolved. Combining all the files as a build step within react-md removes this issue and drastically increases build performance.

To get started, update your main .scss file that imports all the packages within react-md and generates the styles:

-@import '~@react-md/alert/dist/mixins';
-@import '~@react-md/app-bar/dist/mixins';
-@import '~@react-md/avatar/dist/mixins';
-@import '~@react-md/badge/dist/mixins';
-@import '~@react-md/button/dist/mixins';
-@import '~@react-md/card/dist/mixins';
-@import '~@react-md/chip/dist/mixins';
-@import '~@react-md/dialog/dist/mixins';
-@import '~@react-md/divider/dist/mixins';
-@import '~@react-md/elevation/dist/mixins';
-@import '~@react-md/expansion-panel/dist/mixins';
-@import '~@react-md/form/dist/mixins';
-@import '~@react-md/icon/dist/mixins';
-@import '~@react-md/layout/dist/mixins';
-@import '~@react-md/link/dist/mixins';
-@import '~@react-md/list/dist/mixins';
-@import '~@react-md/media/dist/mixins';
-@import '~@react-md/menu/dist/mixins';
-@import '~@react-md/overlay/dist/mixins';
-@import '~@react-md/progress/dist/mixins';
-@import '~@react-md/sheet/dist/mixins';
-@import '~@react-md/states/dist/mixins';
-@import '~@react-md/table/dist/mixins';
-@import '~@react-md/tabs/dist/mixins';
-@import '~@react-md/theme/dist/mixins';
-@import '~@react-md/tooltip/dist/mixins';
-@import '~@react-md/transition/dist/mixins';
-@import '~@react-md/tree/dist/mixins';
-@import '~@react-md/typography/dist/mixins';
-@import '~@react-md/utils/dist/mixins';
+@use 'react-md' as *;

 @include react-md-utils;

Once the main styles have been generated, update the remaining .scss files in your app replacing @import statements of react-md packages to be @use 'react-md' as *;.

Overriding react-md Sass variables with the new module system

Check out the new customizing your theme documentation to see how you can override react-md Sass variables with the new module system and a recommended setup.