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Module @react-md/badge


Type aliases

BadgeContainerProps: HTMLAttributes<HTMLSpanElement>
BadgeTheme: "primary" | "secondary" | "default" | "clear"


Badge: ForwardRefExoticComponent<BadgeProps & RefAttributes<HTMLSpanElement>> = ...

This component is generally used for displaying notifications with a count relative to another element with the BadgeContainer component. However, it can be used by itself to display any supplementary content if needed.

BadgeContainer: ForwardRefExoticComponent<BadgeContainerProps & RefAttributes<HTMLSpanElement>> = ...

This is a really simple component that will just allow you to position a badge relative to another component.

BadgedButton: ForwardRefExoticComponent<BadgedButtonProps & RefAttributes<HTMLButtonElement>> = ...

This is a small wrapper for the Button component that will automatically apply the aria-describedby attribute when it has been "badged". It also adds some reasonable defaults for the most common use-case for badges: notifications.

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