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Module @react-md/media


Type aliases


MediaOverlayPosition: "top" | "right" | "bottom" | "left" | "middle" | "center" | "absolute-center"

The overlay positions relative to the MediaContainer component. Most of the sizes are self-explanitory, but the middle position will be centered vertically while center will be centered horizontally.


Const MediaContainer

MediaContainer: ForwardRefExoticComponent<MediaContainerProps & RefAttributes<HTMLDivElement> & MediaContainerWithAspectRatioProps & RefAttributes<HTMLDivElement>> = ...

The MediaContainer component is used to make responsive images and videos within your app. This component also allows for focing a specific aspect ratio for these elements with both the height and width props are provided.

Const MediaOverlay

MediaOverlay: ForwardRefExoticComponent<MediaOverlayProps & RefAttributes<HTMLDivElement>> = ...

The MediaOverlay component is used to create an overlay over specific media items within the MediaContainer component. You will need to apply most of your own styles as this is really just used for positioning.

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