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Module @react-md/card



Const Card

Card: ForwardRefExoticComponent<CardProps & RefAttributes<HTMLDivElement>> = ...

This is the root card component that should be used along side all the other card parts. It adds some general styles and elevation to help show prominence.

Const CardActions

CardActions: ForwardRefExoticComponent<CardActionsProps & RefAttributes<HTMLDivElement>> = ...

This component is generally used to hold the main actions for the Card. It's a good place to add additional buttons or expansion toggles.

Const CardContent

CardContent: ForwardRefExoticComponent<CardContentProps & RefAttributes<HTMLDivElement>> = ...

The main content for the Card. This adds some additional padding and removes margin from <p> tags by default.

Const CardHeader

CardHeader: ForwardRefExoticComponent<CardHeaderProps & RefAttributes<HTMLDivElement>> = ...

The header for a Card. There should only be up to 1 CardHeader within a card and normally contains the CardTitle and optionally CardSubtitle components. There is also additional functionality built in to render items before or after the main children with some additional spacing.

Const CardSubtitle

CardSubtitle: ForwardRefExoticComponent<CardSubtitleProps & RefAttributes<HTMLHeadingElement>> = ...

A subtitle for the Card. This is usually used with the CardHeader component after the CardTitle.

Const CardTitle

CardTitle: ForwardRefExoticComponent<CardTitleProps & RefAttributes<HTMLHeadingElement>> = ...

The Cardtitle component should normally be used within the CardHeader to create a nicely styled <h5> title for your card. This can also be used along with the CardSubtitle component within the CardHeader for a main title and a subtitle.

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