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Module @react-md/link



Link: ForwardRefExoticComponent<(LinkProps & RefAttributes<HTMLAnchorElement | ElementType<any>>) & (Pick<LinkWithComponentProps, keyof LinkWithComponentProps> & RefAttributes<HTMLAnchorElement | ElementType<any>>)> = ...

The Link component is used to render links within your app with a basic styles applied and some additional "security" built-in if using the rel="_blank". This can be used with a browser routing library like react-router or reach-router by providing the Link as the linkComponent prop.

SkipToMainContent: ForwardRefExoticComponent<SkipToMainContentProps & RefAttributes<HTMLAnchorElement>> = ...

This component allows you to create a screen-reader only/keyboard focusable only link that allows a user to skip to the main content of the page. This is extremely useful when you have a lot of navigation items that must be tabbed through before the main content can be focused and this component should normally be the first focusable element on your page.

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