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react-md - Guides - Using The Sass Exports

Using the Sass Exports

The naming conventions and export structure will be the same for the majority of the packages within react-md and should follow this pattern (with a few exceptions):

├── _functions.scss
├── _mixins.scss
├── scss
│   ├── _functions.scss
│   ├── _mixins.scss
│   ├── styles.scss
│   └── _variables.scss
├── scssVariables.d.ts
├── scssVariables.js
├── styles.scss
└── _variables.scss

Every SCSS files in the root dist folder should be used when you are using webpack as your build tool and bundler. If you are not using webpack, you should import from the dist/scss folder instead. Please read over the including styles without webpack for more info.

The only files that will generate styles once imported are the styles.scss. If a file has been prefixed with an underscore (_variables.scss for example), it provides the Sass data type from its name or some additional utilities without generating any styles once imported. This allows for picking and choosing functions, mixins, and variables from different react-md packages to be used in your custom SCSS without side-effects.

Finally, the dist/scssVariables.js file will provide a record of all the variables defined in dist/_variables.scss with their compiled default value so it can be used within JavaScript and/or Typescript.

General Naming Conventions

Every package will prefix the exports with rmd-{{PACKAGE_NAME}} for namespacing issues since this was written before the new module system was launched. The exceptions to this rule are some of the components within the @react-md/form package. In addition, each package will use a @mixin react-md-{{PACKAGE_NAME}} naming convention for the mixin that will generate all the styles for that package. Here are a few examples:

  • $rmd-card-elevation
  • $rmd-icon-size
  • $rmd-label-font-size
  • $rmd-text-field-active-color
  • @function rmd-form-theme-var
  • @function rmd-typography-theme-var
  • @mixin rmd-utils-rtl
  • @mixin rmd-theme-tone
  • @mixin rmd-typography
  • @mixin react-md-utils
  • @mixin react-md-typography

It is recommended to checkout the SassDoc page for each package for detailed information about the sass exports and their usage:

Color Palette

The color palette is available at @react-md/theme/dist/color-palette which will only export all the colors available in react-md by default. If you'd like to preview all these colors, check out the Color Palette page instead since it also goes into details about how to use these colors and values in JavaScript and Typescript.

Accessibility Functions

The @react-md/theme package provides some accessibility functions to help automatically fix color contrast ratios. Check out the rmd-theme-tone SassDoc for examples and how they are used throughout react-md.