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Scoped Packages

In the simple installation guide, you should have seen react-md being installed as:

npm install --save react-md

Or with yarn:

yarn add react-md

However, once you start digging deeper into the rest of this documentation site you'll start noticing all the code referencing packages like @react-md/theme, @react-md/layout, and @react-md/utils. This is because the base react-md package is really just a convenience package that combines all the exports of the scoped packages together in one place. I personally prefer to use the scoped packages just to be extremely verbose about where the component, hook, or util came from, but you can continue using the single react-md package since it is much more convenient.

As a quick reference, here are all the available packages within react-md:

Installing a Scoped Package

Installing a scoped package is basically the same as installing the base react-md package. Pick and choose which packages you want:

npm install --save @react-md/theme \
  @react-md/typography \
  @react-md/states \

Or with yarn:

yarn add @react-md/theme \
  @react-md/utils \
  @react-md/typography \
  @react-md/states \

Including Styles from a Scoped Package

The big difference between the scoped packages and the base react-md package is how the styles are exported. Most of the styleable scoped packages will have the following files:

  • dist/_variables.scss - All the $rmd- prefixed variables for the package.
  • dist/_functions.scss - All the utility functions for the package.
  • dist/_mixins.scss - All the mixins for the package.
  • dist/styles.scss - A file that will automatically generate all the styles for the specific package when imported.

So to include the styles from a package, you'll want to import the mixins file into your .scss file and use the react-md-{{PACKAGE_NAME}} mixin to generate the styles:

@import "@react-md/theme/dist/mixins";
@import "@react-md/typography/dist/mixins";

@include react-md-theme;
@include react-md-typography;

Please read the using the Sass exports guide for more information about these files and the exported functionality.

The packages will also export the following scss files, but these should only be used if you aren't compiling styles in a webpack environment. Check out the including styles without webpack guide for more info about this.

  • dist/scss/_variables.scss
  • dist/scss/_functions.scss
  • dist/scss/_mixins.scss
  • dist/scss/styles.scss