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disableAutohide?: boolean

Boolean if the message should not automatically hide itself after the timeout duration. This should normally be enabled if you want to enforce the user presses the action inside or it is a toast that will be hidden by some other logic (like online/offline).



messageId?: string | number

If you have not enabled the prevent duplicated messages or the restart message display timer functionality, this property can be omitted since it is only used for those flows.

When the addMessage action is called, the existing queue will be checked for a message containing the new message's id. If it exists, it will not be re-added to the queue. If the current message is being displayed, the display timer will be restarted.

messagePriority?: MessagePriority

An optional priority to set to the message if this message needs to be shown to the user more quickly. The default behavior will be to add it to the end of the message queue, but when the priority is set to "next" it will be shown immediately if there are no messages being displayed or immediately after the current displayed message is hidden. All other existing messages will maintain their order but pushed behind this new message.



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