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An object of props that gets generated for each panel within the hook.


  • ProvidedPanelProps



disabled: boolean

Boolean if the panel's expansion state should be disabled. This will only be true when the preventAllClosed option has been enabled and the panel is the last remaining expanded panel.

expanded: boolean

Boolean if the panel is currently expanded.

headerRef: RefObject<HTMLButtonElement>

A ref object for the panel. This is required so that the parent keyboard event handler can focus the next/previous/first/last panel when the correct arrow key or home/end key is pressed. If there is only one panel and the keydown event handler isn't being used, this prop is not required to be passed to the expansion panel.

id: string

The DOM id for the panel which is really just ${idPrefix}-${index + 1}.

marginTop: boolean

This will be true when the panel is expanded or the previous panel was expanded and the panel is not the first panel in the list.


  • onExpandClick(): void

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