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count: number

The number of panels that will be used by this expansion logic and generates the number of panel props to be used in the return value. This should be a number greater than 0 and will throw a RangeError if it is not in development.

defaultExpandedIndex?: number | readonly number[]

Either the index that should be expanded by default, a list of indexes that should be expanded by default, or -1 which will expand all panels by default.

When this is omitted and undefined, no panels will be expanded by default.

idPrefix: string

The prefix to use for all of the panel ids. This is used to generate the id for each panel as well as determine if a panel is expanded.

multiple?: boolean

Boolean if multiple panels can be expanded at a time. The default behavior is to only allow one panel to be expanded and will close the previous panel when a new one is expanded.

preventAllClosed?: boolean

Boolean if the expansion logic should prevent all the panels from being closed.

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