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Interface StatesConfigContextType

Contains all the values in the StatesConfig component.


  • StatesConfigContextType



disableProgrammaticRipple: boolean

Boolean if the ripple component should not be triggered after a "programmatic" ripple effect. This would be if the .click() function is called on an element through javascript or some other means.

disableRipple: boolean

Boolean if the ripple effect should be disabled for all child components that use the Ripple states.

rippleClassNames: CSSTransitionClassNames

The class names to apply during the different stages for the ripple animation. You probably don't want to use this.

rippleTimeout: TransitionTimeout

The amount of time before a ripple finishes its animation. You probably don't want to change this value unless you updated the duration in scss or changed the different class names for the ripple animation.

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