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Interface TableConfiguration

This is the public table configuration that can be used.




dense?: boolean

Boolean if the table should use the dense spec to reduce the height of each cell.

disableBorders?: boolean

Boolean if the table should no longer have a border-bottom applied to each row within the <tbody>.

disableHover?: boolean

Boolean if the rows should no longer applied a different background color when hovered.

fullWidth?: boolean

Boolean if the <table> element should span the entire width of the container <div> element instead of having its width be determined by the table's contents.

Note: There will always be horizontal overflow if the table is too wide.

{@inheritDoc TableCellHorizontalAlignment}

lineWrap?: boolean | "padded"

Boolean if the <td> and <th> cells should support line wrapping. This is disabled by default since you normally don't want line wrapping in tables unless it provides additional descriptions or other content.

If this is set to the string "padded", line wrapping will be enabled along with adding some additional vertical padding to each cell.

{@inheritDoc TableCellVerticalAlignment}

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