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Interface UseGridListOptions


@since 2.3.0




cellMargin?: string

An optional margin to apply to each cell as the CELL_MARGIN_VAR css variable only when it is defined. This has to be a number string with a px, em, rem or % suffix or else the grid will break.

className?: string

An optional className to merge with the grid list class name

containerPadding?: number

This is normally the amount of padding on the grid list item itself to subtract from the offsetWidth since padding, border, and vertical scrollbars will be included. If you add a border or change the padding or add borders to this component, you'll need to update the containerPadding to be the new number.

defaultSize?: GridListSize | (() => GridListSize)

Since the GridList requires being fully rendered in the DOM to be able to correctly calculate the number of columns and cellWidth, this might cause problems when server-side rendering when using the children renderer to create a grid list dynamically based on the number of columns. If the number of columns and default cellWidth can be guessed server-side, you should provide this prop. Otherwise it will be: { cellSize; maxCellSize, columns: -1 }

disableHeight?: boolean

Boolean if the recalculation of grid sizing should not happen for height changes.

disableWidth?: boolean

Boolean if the recalculation of grid sizing should not happen for width changes.

maxCellSize?: number

The max size that each cell can be.

style?: CSSProperties

An optional style object to merge with the grid custom css properties object.

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