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Interface CaseInsensitiveOptions<T>

Type parameters

  • T = unknown




getItemValue?: GetItemValue<T>

A function that will get a string value from each item. The default implementation will:

  • return a number as a string
  • return a string as itself
  • return the result of item() if it is a function (this will also be used if the valueKey on an object is a function).
  • return item[valueKey] if it's an object (this uses typeof item === "object")
  • return the empty string for all other data types
ignoreWhitespace?: boolean

Boolean if all the whitespace should be ignored in the query string and for each item.

startsWith?: boolean

Boolean if the filter should also exclude all items that do not start with the query string. The default behavior is to return all matches that contain the query string anywhere.

trim?: boolean

Boolean if the query string and each item should have the leading and trailing spaces removed.

valueKey?: string

The key to use to get a value string if the item is an object.

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