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Interface SearchOptions<T>

Type parameters

  • T = unknown




getItemValue?: GetItemValue<T>

A function that will get a string value from each item. The default implementation will:

  • return a number as a string
  • return a string as itself
  • return the result of item() if it is a function (this will also be used if the valueKey on an object is a function).
  • return item[valueKey] if it's an object (this uses typeof item === "object")
  • return the empty string for all other data types
ignoreWhitespace?: boolean

Boolean if all the whitespace should be ignored in the query string and for each item.

trim?: boolean

Boolean if the query string and each item should have the leading and trailing spaces removed.

valueKey?: string

The key to use to get a value string if the item is an object.

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